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I am a time traveler. I create paintings derived from relics that I have acquired through my journeys in time. The relics speak to me about realities and truths connected to “our” past and present.

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    Brian Pittman: Presence of racism in black community

    By on September 1, 2017

    Racism or racial discrimination started way back even before slavery days after the white settlers went to Africa and saw how they were living and considered themselves superior over the black community. This led to slave trade which stamped superiority complex in the mind of the whites who saw the blacks as nothing; but slaves who were meant to be used. Well as much as we have fought against racism it still exists up to date, in fact, Brian Pittman has experienced it first-hand while growing up in Mississippi.


    After slavery was abolished, the black community fought for equality and black icons like Dr. Luther King and Malcolm X led the fight for equality. With time racism reduced and we were allowed to go to the same schools as blacks and even live in the same neighborhood. We were allowed to vote and one of our very own became the president of the US. But as much as we live together in harmony racism still exists within our community.

    Yes, we go to mixed race schools and colleges, but why are we only allowed to support a black organization within the school? Within these black organizations, there are many blacks who deny other black the right to join these groups. Well, we as blacks can easily identify and act on racism done to us by all the other races including whites, Asian and Latinos among others but not us? In fact, most of the modern-day activists require other people to be black first before they can act.

    Many modern black men believe that black women are incapable of logic and reason when it comes to making decisions or judging another black man. They believe that a black woman is not capable of thinking independently and being an equal in a relationship. A black man can call a fellow black man illiterate and even undermine him in front everyone, but we won’t respond, but when a white man does it, it becomes an issue. Isn’t this way of thinking similar to the racism way of thinking?

    The need to tame a woman before she becomes your wife and undermining a fellow black man because you are fortunate enough to leave the hood and go to school is a similar way of thinking. We are enslaving our very own race. This is one of the few things that Brian Pittman fights against.

    The black community understands racism as injustice done to them and not vice versa. In fact, if you mention the word reverse racism to a black man, he will deny it. We believe that racism happens to us and not done by us. We as blacks also undermine other races like the Latinos and Asian and even at times call each other.

    This makes me wonder what happened to the Martin Luther’s dream of equality. He wanted every man to live free from oppression from any race and as much as he was fighting for the rights of the black community. His dream meant equality to everyone irrespective of race, gender or age. Like Brian Pittman says we need to go back to our culture and not allow our cultures to be tainted by the different cultures which exist. He is a living example of a man who believes and lives the life of a black man.