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I am a time traveler. I create paintings derived from relics that I have acquired through my journeys in time. The relics speak to me about realities and truths connected to “our” past and present.

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    How to Use Grape Soda and Charcoal Ash for Painting

    By on August 18, 2017


    A picture is worth a thousand words and there is no picture that tells the story more than a beautiful work of art. There are many mediums of painting including ink, crayons and as of late grape soda and charcoal ash.

    As a painter, you seek to express yourself in your art showcasing all dimension of life, hence telling your story to the audience in a manner that captures their intellect and provokes thought and vision.

    Use of charcoal ash and grape soda as a painting medium.

    These are mediums used by Brian Pittman to create artistic paintings which have been displayed in various art galleries. The use of charcoal ash as a painting medium is not the privilege of one man but any painter can also use the same mediums to create perfect art.

    Described below are some tips on how to use charcoal ash and grape juice to paint.

    Know the shade of the charcoal ash that you require

    Different charcoal ash has a different shade and it is important to know the shade you want your painting to assume. This helps in translating the image of your painting to your canvas or paper or on what you are painting on.

    Charcoal ash has different shades depending on the type of wood the charcoal is burnt from. This is why experts advise that before you start on your painting, it is advisable to mix a little of the grape soda with the charcoal ash to see the resulting shade.

    Charcoal art paintings give a realistic illusion and that is making it increasingly popular. It is every painter’s desire to portray the best of his thought, but his outcome is mainly determined by the materials used.

    Use the appropriate canvas or paper type for best results

    When it comes to paper painting where charcoal ash and grape juice are mediums, the best paper type to use is the water proof type which has the ability to hold the juice at the intended position to deter it from spreading or spilling hence distorting the image.

    Get all the materials and mediums you need before you start on the painting

    To achieve best results every artist has to focus on various aspects of material placements to enhance proximity. Since charcoal ash is powder, necessary precautions have to be taken to ensure that the ash does not pour or blown away.

    Care should also be taken by the painter to avoid spillage of the grape soda. Charcoal ash is best placed in a porcelain pallet, Styrofoam, a tin foil or a glass pallet. You can also use a wooden pallet though not highly recommended.

    The actual painting process using grape juice and charcoal ash is best demonstrated by the master himself of the technique Brian Pittman as illustrated below.

    Painting the BRIAN PITMAN way

    When the artistic bug strikes let it take over but what is important to remember is that in this kind of art you will need a Cotton drape and Linen fabric that you will use to paint. As a custom sketch the image you want to draw, have an instrument that carefully trickles the grape soda along the sketched contours to create shapes and designs, carefully place the linen on the surface that is still wet with the grape soda Juice, then proceed with the cotton drape which has the charcoal ash and tap the cotton material onto the Linen cloth, hence realising the ash particles. Wait till it dry to attach itself and there you have it an awesome work of art.

    Art is an expression that is captured in on a two many ways, painting being one of it. Art expresses emotions such as love, pain, gratitude, and anger. Art is not usually by everybody but as a fact, it is appreciated by all.

    An artist seeks to deliver a part of himself to his audience and expects to be understood and revered.
    There are various mediums used in the art such as ink, crayons color shades and genius approaches such as grape soda and charcoal ash made popular by Brian Pittman.


    Each person seeks to communicate and express themselves in their different artistic ways either simple or complex.

    As we seek to grow artistically the optimal point of growth is achieved at integrating various approaches and intuitively creating expressions.